New office

We wanted to create an original, modern, clear and comfortable building, like a shop-window of our company and at the same time, to offer a good working environment. The building is built with solid wood, covered outside by a natural cedar cladding and large picture windows, positioned to the south. The walls and the roof are insulated with "Thermosulit", our new thermo-reflecting product. For the acoustic insulation of the floors, we have used the underlay "insulit 7+".

It is in this welcoming atmosphere that we meet any customer wishing to be advised on our range of products. Our luminous showroom opens its doors from 8 am to 5 pm and from Monday to Friday. Besides, get-togethers can be organized in our meeting room.

A delivery service 24/48 hours in Belgium

A quick and effective delivery service allows you a large adaptability in the execution of your projects. Therefore, a product ordered in the morning will be delivered the day after, ordered in the afternoon, it will be delivered two days later!

A large stock

With more than 2 500 000 ft² of products in our warehouse, you can be confident that we always keep at your disposition a sufficient quantity of merchandise. Beyond a quick delivery, we give you also the possibility to come and pick-up the desired merchandise at the time that suits you the best.

A large range of products

Active in the building sector, the public works and the environment, Insulco delivers a wide range of acoustic, thermal and geotechnical products.

A central location

Close to the E19 highway, Insulco is located at about twenty minutes in the south of Brussels. It is a central location in Belgium but also in Europe.